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Varsha Ashvin Pandya


I was born and brought up in Kenya.

I am married to Ashvin Pandya and have two sons in Dallas, USA. When my younger son was battling with cancer, I realized that it is not only the cancer patients who go through this turmoil but in one way or the other, family, friends and relatives also suffer. After being in Dallas and Houston during my son’s severe treatment, I realized that life is very precious. Our son is now in remission.  

Seeing so much suffering and pain in all cancer patients of all ages and seeing their Care Givers, I decided that when I return back home, I should do something for cancer awareness in Kenya. And that is why I got involved in Women 4 Cancer. 

To share, help and love the under privileged is the knowledge we learn from our Spiritual Teachers and Masters. I am currently retired, so in my free time I play golf and assist charity groups.

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